Friday, May 12, 2006

Screencast on ShowMeDo

I have been quiet for a while - and no new releases of pywinauto for a bit either.

I finally figured out that my metaclass problem was not a metaclass problem at all - but a logic problem in my code :-)

I merged in that code into the trunk - and I should do another release soon (a small one!). This week has been busy - been in training almost all week - so that is feeding my programming need (and making me not want to touch the computer - some direct user queries always get me going - so if you have one let me know).

The next few weeks will be very busy
  • with maybe a trip to San Francisco
  • my parents coming on the 19th and being around for a week
  • the day they leave then off on vacation :-) (for 10 days)
So next release will be the last one for some week (probably).

Finally my reason for posting - Jeff has done a nice screencast of pywinauto at:

Thank you Jeff!


  1. Hi,

    Just to say thanks for pywinauto; it's got one of the nicest interfaces for this kind of thing I've seen.

    BTW, spammers have modified the front page of the wiki a few hours ago. I subscribe to change notification but couldn't revert it because the password is no longer as stated at the top of the edit page.



  2. I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

  3. Hi,

    Try the following link - ShowMeDo re-organized the site some time ago.

  4. Hi Mark,
    Just came across pywinauto, and your blog. Noticed that the last update on either was nearly 3 yrs ago and wondering whether pywinauto has been orphaned or whether any further plans exist.

  5. Hi Rajesh,

    Yes - I am not much of a blogger :)

    I have a new release almost ready to go, but I need to re-write the documentation. The tool I used in the past is more or less unsupported and I am in the progress of moving to Sphinx.

    The best location to look for information on pywinauto would be either:
    - (about 2 years since my last release)
    - most development hosted here, there are forums also.

    One of the major dislikes I have for how I have gone about pywinauto - is the scattered web presence (SourceForge, OpenQA, Blogger :) )