Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am speaking at PyCon Asia Pacific in June

I will be speaking at PyCon Asia Pacific.

My talk is titled "Writing Application Plugins in Python". I aim to show how Python can be used to implement plugin functionality for applications that never even heard of Python.

The idea being, that if you write a small amount of shim code (using Pyrex/Cython to make it really easy) then you can pass most of the work off to Python. I work on Windows, and my examples will be on that OS, but very little of what I present will be specific to Windows.

I am still searching around for a good Open Source application with a reasonably simple API/SDK that I can demonstrate with. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion. But the majority of the talk will be generic to any application giving introductions to the various tools and modules used.

If you are in or around Singapoare in June - or feel like seeing South East Asia - then drop by :)


  1. I need to write a restructured text filter plugin for aspell. That should have a simple API, I hope. :)

  2. Hmm - let me look into it. Am I right in thinking that filters are compiled into Aspell rather than providing a dynamically linked library (.so / .dll)?

    I am primarily aiming my talk at .so/.dll (though there should only be a few minimal differences compiling it in directly.)

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