Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's not only my code!

I made some progress this evening - but I seem to be doing more refactoring and catching up on unit test implementation then adding much to the code base.

I have a lot of firsts (for me) with pywinauto.
  • First project I release publicly
  • First time I have ever written a unit test (yeah I know - bad :-)
  • First time I have ever had to worry about non functional changes I make to code affecting others (Like changing the interfaces of classes)
  • First time I have used subversion or used SourceForge for hosting a project
  • First time I ever thought of blogging (and maybe you are wishing I never DID!)

I'm enjoying the experience - and I think I am learning quite a bit. Here's hoping that my code is useful and I don't waste people's time with either bugs or excessive changes.

Maybe I should think of having the subversion repository hosted somewhere public - so that other's have a chance of contributing and keeping me in line. I think for now there is lots I can do myself, and I am not sure I want to anyway. I am not sure I have enough experience to be able to do it successfully - and with amazing tools like Python and ctypes - there is a lot one person can do :-)

1 comment:

  1. Even though you are doing for the first time (public;), you are doing them in a good way. Great going.