Thursday, February 16, 2006

Test Infected

I haven't gotten around to reading much of the XP material (well a little online), but with pywinauto I finally started to do some unit tests. Even though my coverage is still quite minimal - I don't have even one test per method yet (and some require more then that!) - I have found that it has helped me to find numerous bugs that I hadn't known about - or wouldn't have known about until I released!

I end up running the tests or at least part of the tests frequently. I am not quite to the point where I am first creating a test for the functionality that I have yet to code.

I now understand why tests make refactoring easy - you change your code until you feel it is refrigerator ready - then you run your tests and make sure that they run like they did before you ripped out that gangrenous rotting piece of code that you smelled last week. :-)

The next thing that I need to do is to add the examples to the tests - that way I will have some 'integration' tests along with all the unit tests. :-)

I feel a release coming soon - and then I think I may need to take it easy for a little while.

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  1. I have to agree with you, tests and agile programming methodologies is definitely the way to go. Tests are the micro-programs that show you you're making progress. Code-Test-Code-Test. It's very much like Lisp's REPL. Whever I write python module, the first thing I do is create a tests directory and add the "test" command to I found this little recipe at

    Very nice.